startup CTO

take control of your business by putting us in control of your tech

  • get the technical strategic thinking and hands-on effort to support your business strategy
  • utilise a service designed specifically for early stage startups like yours
  • benefit from tight integration with your team, to ensure feedback and maximise learning

we'd love to discuss your ideas - if you're interested, please contact us.

Tech expertise

Whether you are a tech wiz or not, when you are running a startup you probably have bigger fish to fry... you can't spend all of your time thinking about the application(s) anymore... those hours invested in deciding upon frameworks, designing solutions, coding, testing and bug fixing are a thing of the past.

But you still want to work with people that share your passion for creating something spectacular. Our startup CTO idea is to add the technical, hands-on expertise to back your business idea and strategy.

So we'll do the tech allowing you to deal with the rest of your business. Working closely with you, we work to understand your business needs, to understand the big picture and then devise and implement the technical strategy you need.

We'd love to have a dicussion to find out how we can apply our technical knowledge to your startup business, so please contact us.

Built for startups

We are designed for you. Startups are incredibly exciting - but they are a very different beast to established companies.

You are still making the rules of the game and you will probably want to test ideas, learn quickly and know when to pivot.

We understand the need for flexibility in an early startup - in fact we relish it.

If you're running a startup that needs to build something that is a primarily software project - we'd love to discuss it with you!

Where are we?

We are setup to cover London and Cambridge - two big startup scenes. We have, and do, work with startups further afield successfully, although a frequent face-to-face chat really does help when possible.

Startup CTO in London

We don't have a prestigous London postcode, but we are only 45 minutes away from central London, and visit regularly.

We're as well placed as anyone to work with London-based tech startups and would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you!

Startup CTO in Cambridge

We are based in Cambridge, so are perfectly located to work with those in the Silicon Fen tech startup scene - and we even have a prestigous CB1 postcode!

Startup CTO elsewhere

We're best suited to startups in the UK or other parts of Western Europe.

We're well located to be in Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham and many other European startup hot-spots in as little as an hour!

Contact us

Let us know your contact details, and we'll be in touch in no time...